Hey guys!!

How you  doing?

Welcome back to my blog. I should rather say this to myself. I am extremely sorry for being MIA on the blog.  My last post was almost  a month ago, I wouldn’t say that a lot has changed but the biggest difference that has been effecting my life is that, I am going to a culinary institute which means I am going to be a chef in 2 years. It has taken over more than half of my life. Being a fresher in the institute, there  is a lot  to catch up on and a lot of adjustments were made in my routine. Though I haven’t written in a really long time, I struggled really bad to make a schedule which would fit in my career and my blog together. After a lot  of research, I finally made up a routine which will get me closer to my dream and will make sure I do not loose my hand on writing. I really want to get better at writing and create new content. So here I am apologizing for not posting for weeks and I assure this wouldn’t happen again.

I will stop rambling and let’s get started with today’s post. As I did not post my monthly motivational post at the beginning of the month, but hey better late than never. So, these are few quotes and inspirational quotes which have helped me stay positive this month.

I would like to end this post by saying that nothing in this world is impossible, you just need a little bit of courage, an extra dose of confidence and a strong cup of coffee by your side and you can definitely conquer the world. What ever you are going through in your life, you are not alone. I go through those millennial life crises all the time. I get stressed, degrade myself, doubt myself and in the end up over thinking about everything. But this is all temporary. The sadness does not last long at all. If you feel you need somebody to talk  to or a person who could constantly  push you to achieve greatness in life, I am here for you, standing by your side supporting  you at all times.

I hope this post was helpful and achieve what you always desired for. Do not forget  to hope on to my pinterest account where I pin more such inspirational quotes on my board and I will see you guys in my next post.






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