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Hey guys!!

How you doing?

Welcome back to my blog. I am really excited to write this blog post for you guys because back to school season is here. This season is one of my favorites because you get to go shopping for school supplies which is always fun. I love all sorts of supplies, new pens, highlighters, pencils, folders and the most important having to smell the scent of fresh new note books. I understand that nobody likes going back to school after an amazing summer vacation but hey, school can be fun sometimes when you change your perspective of seeing it. So, I am writing this post to help you guys change the way you think about going to school and give you some advice to kickstart your school year with some confidence and courage to tackle the various obstacles which you are going to face for the rest of the school year.

I graduated college recently which makes me in a good position to give you advice on how to start a great school year. I am going to Institute of Hotel management in my city where I am going to graduate as a young chef in the market. I am beyond excited to start a new journey of my life yet nervous to even think about  it. I start college after the day I post this post on my blog, so you can say that I myself am going to use these tips on my  first day.

Let’s begin!

1. First impressions matter. I would suggest you guys to dress to impress. Do not forget to follow the dress code but make sure you have your outfit planned out a day or two before. Look presentable and do not be afraid to put on a little makeup so that you do not look tired and restless.

2. This tip is cliché but pretty effective. A week before your school begins make an effort to get in the habit of getting up early. I myself have been waking up at late hours of the day in summer but slowly I have been setting my alarm half an early so that I get into the habit of getting up early again. This habit will make sure that you do not get up late or get up with a grumpy face early in the morning and start your first day of school with enough time to prepare  for your day.

3. Mark these words. Planners are a life saver. I do not use a planner but I personally love bullet journals which have helped me a lot. The day before your schools begins arrange your planner or set up your bullet journals which will help you take down the academic schedule that your teacher addresses on the first day of your  school. This will make your life easier and help you plan ahead the schedule, so that you are prepared for the tests or assignment given by the teacher.

4. Do not go over board with your school supplies. I understand that school supply shopping can be overwhelming but make a list of what exactly you need and stick to it. Do not buy a tone of stuff and carry a big stuffed pencil case which would weigh your bag down. I myself tend to go crazy by shopping for everything that is appealing to me but that would result in putting a big hole in my pocket. Back to school supplies are available during the entire school year. You can always go back and buy what you genuinely need.

5. If you are new to your school, always remember to explore the campus if you have not already. Get to know where your classes are, so that you wouldn’t be late the next day. Explore every  floor, every class and the most important explore the library where you might be spending most of your times during your finals week. I would also suggest you to find a personal corner where you could spend most of your time alone or with your friends. It could be anywhere in the campus which will be your personal nook to unwind and relax.

So here were 5 tips which are important to follow on the first day of school. There is one more thing that  I would love to add. Do not be shy on your first day of school and talk to the people around you. You might never know they might end up being the friend for life. Also always remember to be yourself, have a bright smile on your self and I promise, it will give you so much confidence to get through the school with ease and you will end up amazing memories.

I hope you find this post helpful in any way and I will see you guys in my next post.






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